Wonton House

Name: Wonton House
Location: Russell St/Little Bourke St
Price range: Cheap eats are $9-14, and to-order items can be $6-30. There is a large range.

Wonton house is a Chinese eatery. Unless you’re after a particular item at this place, and you know that it is good, I would recommend going to the place next door. ‘Dumpling House’ or something similar to that.

I have several reasons for this recommendation. One, I will always choose dumplings over wontons. But that is just a petty bias towards a food item and I’m sure both places will have dumplings! It’s true that names can be deceiving, but Wonton House does mainly wontons, and Dumpling House does dumplings. Two, I’ve eaten at both places with a group of people, and Dumpling House was cheaper, had a better vibe, and in general it was a lot more fun. Mainly because you can share dumplings in a way you cannot share wontons. Three, I find the food at Dumpling House to be tastier. I did not like the beef combination noodle from Wonton House, and according to two other people, their prawn wonton noodle weren’t great either. But Wonton House does seem better for those who enjoy fried chicken with rice. Onwards for a detailed break-down!

Beef combination noodle ($12 ish)

Beef and egg noodles/ They are sometimes delicious/ But not at this place

I am disappointed. Next time I want a beef combination noodle, I am heading to a Vietnamese noodle (pho, with some accents. Pronounced more like ‘fur’) place. But no matter. The noodles are egg noodles, with a clear beef broth. It’s a heavy tasting broth, and tastes like what a butchery smells like. The beef is in large chunks, which can be okay if the taste and texture of the chunks are fitting for the soup. It is, but I prefer a more aesthetically pleasing presentation. There is beef meat, tendon and tripe. The tendon is soft and gelatinous, but it needs more care in its preparation for presentation. Sinew and blood vessels need to be scrapped off more cleanly. The tripe is in large pieces, and contains more of the underlying smooth tissue than the waffle-shaped tripe. This seems mightily unbalanced, and makes me feel cheated. What is the point of ordering tripe when half of the component necessary for that texture found in tripe is not given to you?
Overall, I found the lack of attention to detail to beef to leave a lot to be desired, and the taste to be heavy-handed. 4/10

Salted lemon Sprite ($3.50)
Curiousity strikes again. I like salted lemons. I like Sprite lemonade. They really need to decrease the amount of salted lemon they use, and remove the pips. It’s like having a mouth full of salt.

5/10, it scores higher than the beef combination noodle for the novelty.  (Picture of this drink can be found in the picture above. It is the cloudy  drink next to the bowl of noodles.)

Prawn Pork wonton ($11ish)

Wontons were tasty/ When did wontons lose their charm?/ Since I could make them.

Apparently, this is good. Looks good to me.

Tofu and greens with rice

Dried deep fried tofu/ Must be soaked with tasty sauce/ Otherwise too dry

Aaargh, sauce spillage.

Fried Chicken with rice.

Crispy fried chicken/ Check the frying temperature/ How can you go wrong?

This would have to be the most appetising thing we ordered. The chicken is crispy.

Beef and wonton noodle soup

Beef and prawn wontons/ Why choose one when you can have/ The best of both worlds?

Lemon Tea
(in the above picture. How does hot black tea with a slice of lemon go wrong? It shouldn’t, and didn’t.)
Milk tea

A mug of white tea/ When in doubt, make a milk tea/ Afternoon comfort

Pineapple Ice

Pineapple with ice/ I like the word 'pineapple'/ Pineapple. Pine. Ap.

It has canned pineapple bits in it.


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