Gold Leaf 02

Location: Level 1 Star Circus Harbour Town, Docklands, 3008
Cost: Last time it was $129 with 3 people, and this time it was $89 for 4 people. A la carte works like that.
Cost rating: 3/5, expensive side of yumcha, but the best yumcha in the city.
Taste rating: 9/10
Overall rating: 9/10

I’m back at Gold Leaf, and will be reviewing a la carte yumcha goodies that have been not appeared in the last post. The first post has more items in it, so I suggest you have a gander at the first post.

Score: ? (Eaten too quickly by my prawn-fiend lunch buddy.)
Would I order it again? Yes.

Fried wonton wrapper/ Looks especially golden/ Much like gold tael?

The prawn mince inside looks juicy, and the fried parcel is well-drained too.

Score: 10/10
Would I order it again? Yes.

A bun-shaped dumpling/ Masquerading as siumai/ But still delicious

Personally, I don’t think roe is necessary, but it does make a pretty orange spot.

Score: 6/10
Would I order it again? No.

pre-ground up rice grains/ boils down to be too smooth/makes terrible congee

Gold Leaf congee was a disappointment. The rice is ground up to shorten cooking time, but this sacrifices texture. Congee is a soupy rice porridge, a comfort food equivalent to chicken noodle soup. It’s usually eaten for breakfast, or as a meal when you’re ill.

Score: 8/10
Would I order it again? No.

Eating curds and whey/ you are not lil' miss muffet/ get back to tofu

The tofu is the tofu dessert is different from the firm blocks of tofu. Dessert tofu is much softer and lacks structural rigidity. In a way, it is similar to silken tofu but less homogenous. Unless silken tofu, tofu dessert will separate into whey and tofu (bean curd) over time. (Or if you stir it and break up the slices of tofu into smaller pieces.)
The tofu dessert at Gold Leaf doesn’t have that soy bean flavour and doesn’t have that silky smooth texture that’s prized in tofu dessert. It’s grainy and sticky (two words I never thought I’d use to describe tofu), but only slightly.

Score: 10/10
Would I order it again? Yes.

Siumai alternate/ Not easier to pick up/ But tastes much the same

Pork dumplings should be pork and very little else. The pork filling is juicy, and crunchy? The texture is crisp, which just means the pork mince hasn’t been overminced into a textureless paste.

Score: 6/10
Would I order it again? No.

Needs less rice filler/ and more of everything else/ miser's replica

This was even more disappointing than the congee. Taro cake is similar to radish cake. (replace grated white daikon radish with cubes of taro.) It’s panfried well, so it has golden edges and it slightly crunchy on the outside. But the taro cake itself is a let down. There needs to be more taro, and cured meats and more of everything that isn’t filler paste. The filler (rice flour) is important because it holds everything together and absorbs the umami flavours of the cured meats.

Score: ?
Would I order it again? ?

Did you say shark fin?/ Hm, where is the attraction?/ It's just cartilige

This disappeared in a snap. Apparently it needs more shark fin. (Don’t they always?)


Score: 10/10
Would I order it again? Yes.

A taro croquette/ Delicate batter netting/ savoury insides

Here’s a more appetising picture of taro puffs. (The first Gold leaf post’s taro puffs were slightly blurry) Taro is a tuber, much like the potato or sweet potato. It is very starchy and is often complemented with star anise. I don’t know how they make the crispy batter netting around the taro puff but it is a delight to look at, as well as eat.

My favourite items this round were the egg tarts and original prawn dumpling (not in the post, but appears in the first post). I was disappointed with their radish cake, congee and tofu dessert.

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