Name: Tutto
Location: 81 Grattan St, Carlton VIC 3053
Cost: Medium cup $5.50, 3 toppings for $2.50.
Cost rating: 3/5
Taste rating: 9/10
Overall rating: 9/10
Would I go again? Yes.

Unlike the previous Cacao Green and Tutti frutti post , this post will not have nutritional contents or consumer psychology. I can’t find any nutritional information on the Tutto website, but according the owner Tutto frozen yogurt has a third of the sugar of gelati. That seems to be 5-8% sugar (by volume, or weight?)

Tutto works in the same way as Cacao Green, but with the added option of choosing multiple flavours instead of just one. (I have been able to consistently get two flavours.) Tutto also lets you taste the flavours before choosing. On the day, there was original, lemon & ginger, pomegranate and red bull. Sometimes the flavours will change. The week after had mandarine instead of pomegranate. They were all natural tasting, and the fruity flavours weren’t too sweet. Lemon and ginger had a clean gingery taste, which I enjoyed. Pomegranate flavour tasted of pomegranate too. Red bull is a strange flavour, it’s the same flavour as Red Bull (an energy drink) but contains no actual Red Bull. Compared to the rest of flavours, Red Bull is quite strong. But it wasn’t unpleasant. If you’re one of those strange people who like taste of cough medicine, Red Bull frozen yogurt is up your alley.

As for toppings, I have tried the mango compote, strawberries, rockmelon, green tea mochi, gummi bears, coconut and peanut mix, biscuit crumble and brownies. There are also nuts, Pocky, chocolate chips, chocolate flakes, froot loops, raspberry compote and waffle biscuits.

All the little snacks/ House-made brownies and compote/ Fruit, chocolate, and nuts

Cinnamon biscuit/ Sweet syrupy mango sauce/ Gingery froyo

Mango compote: I thought this would have a really good mango flavour because the fruit flavours of the frozen yoghurt was good. But it was too sweet and didn’t have a lot of mango flavour I had hoped it’d have. But then, it is winter here and mangoes are now hard to come by. It’d be unreasonable to expect compote to made from fresh mangoes (sounds delicious….) so canned mango it is! Canning does some sad things to fruit.

Biscuit crumble: Tastes like crushed cinnamon biscuits. I wish the crumble had larger chunks in it so it would be crunchy instead of a fine biscuit powder.

Strawberries, rockmelon: Diced fresh fruit. Good stuff.

Mochi and gummi/Pomegranate underneath/It would be bright pink

Gummi bears: Gummi bears become hard and chewy when they’re cold. Then get stuck in your teeth. Definately not something I’ll have with frozen yoghurt again. (But I like both frozen yoghurt and gummi bears, mind you.)

Green tea mochi: Soft mochi, but floury. Possibly the wrong rice flour? I prefer the Cacao Green chewy mochi instead of this floury mochi.

Look! It's pink froyo./ Red sauce and red fruit./ Boo, white coconut.

Coconut and peanut mix: Dessicated coconut and crushed roasted peanuts. Toasty and crunchy, just the way it should be.

Rockmelon tastes good/ with lemon-ginger froyo/ I'll keep that in mind.

Brownies: A bit ‘overcooked’ for a brownie. I like them soft and chocolatey on the inside. The texture is consistent throughout these brownies. They’re kinda rubbery and aren’t chocolatey enough.

Nevermind coffee/ Just the shortbread biscuit, thanks./ Sweet crumbly goodness.

Apparently the coffee isn’t fantastic. Unfortunate. However, the biscuit that accompanies the coffee is really good though.  Crunchy shortbread with a nutty mix (coconut, peanut and sesame?) and dried cranberries studded throughout. I wonder if they’d share their recipe with me.

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