Name: Mezina
Location: 176 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3066
Prices: Meals $10-15, Drinks $3-5
Cost rating: 4/5
Taste rating: 6/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Trendy open space/ Attention paid to decor/ Not so much on food

Mezina has a large space, with varying levels of casual throughout. You can have a table if you wish to eat a meal, or lounge on the sofa with a coffee and cake. The food is simple no-frills fare.  I wish the food reflected the decor.

Would I order it again? No.

Open faced sandwich/ Vegetarian to boot/ I am in Fitzroy

I expected everything to be segregated and placed in a way that made use of the plate. I wouldn’t mind if this was a sandwich, if it had another slice of bread on top. Or if it were a turkish loaf. I really wish there was something special about it, otherwise to me, it seems too plain. There’s nothing wrong with scrambled eggs, roasted capsicum, avocado and fetta, those are foods that are tasty together. But with the addition of a homemade chutney, or some pesto, or maybe some herbs within the scrambled eggs, or balsamic dressing on the capsicum, it could turn into something I’d be happy to come back and eat again.

Would I order it again? No.

Sammich to break fast/ Easy to eat on the run/ Lots of protein too

I prefer my egg and bacon sandwiches to be buttered toast, fried egg with the yolk still runny in the middle and generous serves of rasher bacon. But if you’re more health conscious (it’s a good thing!), and like homogeneity throughout their sandwiches, this is your egg and bacon sandwich. Short round bacon, trimmed to remove the fat, and the egg is beaten before being fried. The relish adds some sweetness and something interesting to the mix.
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