Instameal: Ottugi miso ramyun

Name: Ottugi Miso ramyun
Cost: $0.80
Contents: Wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet, 1 dried vegetables packet
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 7/10, Broth: 7/10
Would I buy it again? Yes

Advertised image/ (Minus the shiitake shroom)/Looks like end product

Easy-to-open/ Soup and vegetable sachets/ Make life easier

Red: danger colour/ Exudes sense of spiciness/ Not spicy at all

If I had to guess what flavour it was, I would have said mushroom or vegetarian. I find that many miso flavoured instant noodles are very salty, saltier than the other soup bases in the same range. But this wasn’t the case with Ottugi. It was very tasty, and I hope to find more miso-flavoured noodles like this.


Instameal: Ottogi Snack Ramen

Name: Ottogi snack ramen
Cost: $0.80
Contents: Wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet.
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 5/10, Broth: 4/10
Would I buy it again? No.

Little snack ramen/ Not as good as Indo-mie/ The true snack noodle

All-in-one flavours/ After multiple sachets/ One seems too little

Compare snack noodles/ Maggi noodles versus this/ Hm, it's a tough call


I don’t understand why it is a snack ramen. It only marginally smaller than the regular noodles. It was rather tasteless too. There wasn’t a vegetable sachet, which disappoints me.
I’d skip this one, and buy something else.

(After contemplating the merits and shortfalls of Ottogi snack noodle and Maggi Chicken noodle, I would choose Maggi Chicken noodle. It’s still bright yellow with vaguely parsley smell, but I remember it tasting better when I was in primary school. )


Instameal: Mupama

Name: Nongshim Mupama noodle soup
Cost: $1.20
Contents: Wad of noodles, 3 sachets: 2 soup bases, 1 dried vegetables.
Spiciness: 5/10
Taste: Noodles 8/10, Broth: 8/10
Would I buy it again? Yes.

What is Mupama?/ Best dried veggies in a pack/ unofficial prize

Shiny green sachet/ Full of dried vegetables/ More goodies to come

Add dried vege early/ Allows more time to plump up/ Cooking level up


Lazy person's meal/ Reconstituted veggies/ No need to add own

First of all, I am impressed with its vegetable sachet. It contains chili as well as some kind of asian green. See end product. You’ll need to add the vegetable sachet in at the same time as the noodle to get them plumped up again.
It is a spicy noodle, but it’s not an overly harsh spiciness. You can add more water or less of the yellow sachet if you prefer less spicy noodles. I like how thoughtful they were to cater to people who prefer mildly spicy noodles.
That is enough gushing from me. You should try Mupama.

Samyang Hot Yukgaejang

Name: Samyang Hot Yukgaejang
Cost: $1
Contents: Wad of noodles, 2 sachets: 1 soup base, 1 dried vegetable
Spiciness: 4/10
Taste: Noodles 6/10, Broth: 6/10
Would I buy it again? No.

Hot looking colours/ Sharp yellow splash at the back/ Yep, it looks spicy


Green is for veggies/ Red for burning sensation/ Whoo, colour coding


Usual dried vege mix/ Carrot cubes and spring onions/ But also cabbage!

Tasty spicy meal/ Was it meant to taste of beef?/ Who knows? But still good.

I have eaten a fair number of Korean instant noodles, and I must say, they’re beginning to taste quite similar. Hot yukgaejang was average in every aspect. It was average in terms of taste, the noodles, the way it is spicy, and how spicy it was. Even the vegetable mix was average. But the bar for ‘average’ is high compared to the stretch of Chinese instant noodles I have had recently.

But there weren’t any particularly bad points that I remembered to note down, so it must not have been bad. Sorry folks, I can’t remember much about this one. It’s been too long.

Instameal: Nongshim Shin Kimchi Ramyun

Name: Nongshim Shin Kimchi ramen
Cost: $0.65 (it was on sale at the time)
Contents: Wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet, 1 sachet dried vegetables
Spiciness: 5/10
Taste: Noodles 5/10, Broth: 7/10
Would I buy it again? Yes.

Shin: Famous ramen/ This one is medium heat/ Not super spicy

Nifty packaging/ Korean instant noodles/ So considerate


At first glance, fish food/ But actually dried kimchi/ Don't feed fish with this


Fire engine red/ Not as spicy as it looks/ (Taste buds gone awry?)

It’s been a long time, but I do remember liking this one a lot. Out of all the spicy kimchi noodles, I liked this one the best. It is on the spicier side, but it’s the sweet sort of spicy. The kimchi bits help make it sweeter. The kimchi bits are also sizable, and have a vegetable-like texture. (Instead of reconstituted dried something.) You can make it less spicy by adding more water.

Instameal: Gomtang beef ramen

Name: Gomtang beef stock ramen
Cost: $1.10
Contents: Wad of ramen, packet of soup base.
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 7/10, Soup 7/10
Would I buy it again? No. (Explanation below.) But recommended!

Shiny gold packet/ Representing product pic/ Witness rare instance

Shiny gold packet. Hard to miss.

Watch these two items/ Want to see a magic trick?/ Turn into ramen


A surprising one/ Not the typical beef taste/ Try it for yourself

The end product is a creamy beef bone-based stock with smooth soft noodles. It has some sesame seeds in it, but it doesn’t overpower the overall mild flavour. For people who use beef flavours as their standard for instant noodles (my favourite go-to flavour is seafood, as you may have guessed from the sheer amount of seafood instant noodles I have reviewed.), this is not your standard beef flavour. It doesn’t taste remotely like bovril. Or beef stock. It is something entirely different.
It would be a fantastic meal if I felt like something mild, creamy and simple. The reason I rated this instant noodle highly but wouldn’t buy again is purely from my tastes in instant noodles. (I have some strange likes and dislikes.) It’s a good place to start if you like tonkotsu broth (pork bone-based stock, it’s another creamy silky rich broth.), because it has that silky mouthfeel you find in ramen shops. I would use this as the standard.
Nonetheless, it is a tasty instant noolde, and I would recommend it!

Instameal: Nongshim potato noodle soup

Name: Nongshim Potato noodle soup
Cost: $1.20
Contents: Wad of potato starch noodles, 2 sachets: 1 soup base, 1 dried vegetables.
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 6/10, Broth: 8/10
Would I buy it again? No.

Potato noodle/ A meal of carbohydrates/ More carbs? Just add rice.


Back to potatoes/ Potato and wheat mixed/ This is not gnocchi

Stretchy, translucent / Mental texture dissonance/ Potato noodle

Potato starch noodles are chewier, springier noodles that can become cellophane-clear among some brangs. I didn’t like the chewy springy noodles as an instant noodle. They will stick together and form a clump in your bowl, and you have to exercise caution not to splatter your face/clothes with broth when extricating noodles from the broth. Especially if you’re a fast eater and have no patience for resistance in noodles.
But for those who are unfussed and don’t care for trying to suck down a bowl of noodles at record time through your nostrils, the noodle texture is something new. If you’re game for a slightly chewier and elastic noodle, try the potato noodles.