IR: Mango icebar

Name: I dub thee Mango Icebar.
Cost: $1
Score: 5/10, average. But if you want a cheapo mango icecream, you can settle for average.
Would I buy this again? No.
These are the most common icebars found in Melbourne asian grocery stores. They come in various flavours, and are usually the cheapest option.

I see you, Mango/ Both in text and in picture/ Less guesswork for me

Here’s a picture of the packet for your reference.

Not my favourite/ But it was mango flavoured/ And a warm day too

It’s bright orange! It’s not the zingy nectar-sweet mango flavour that I enjoy most from a mango icecream, but a more caramelly musky mango flavour. The texture is … flaky? It’s the kind of icebar where you can suck all the flavour from it and leave a flavourless ice left on the stick, and it begins to break off in lined-up icy needle blocks. If you’re not careful, the last bit can fall off when you try to eat around the stick. You have been warned.

IR: Lotte Watermelon

Name: I dub thee Lotte watermelon slice
Cost: $1
Score: 7/10, it wins points for its design and appeal to my novelties weakness
Would I buy it again? Yes

I wonder what flavour?/ Colour theme and motif win/ Don't need three guesses

But when it does come in different languages, the wrapper picture is the same. Same red and green watermelon-themed packaging. Look out for the watermelon slice-on-a-stick picture on the left side.

Summer on a stick/ But no match for the real thing /A charming design

Apart from beng watermelon flavoured, it looks like a watermelon! For those who have read Evangelion, this is the ice cream Asuka eats in one of the chapters. They exist, and you too can sample one.
The pink section tastes like watermelon, that bubblegummy artificial watermelon taste. The dark flecks in the pink section are seeds or nuts of some sort. Or chocolate. They were hard and crunchy, and had a nutty flavour to it. Just like watermelon seeds. (‘cept most people don’t eat the black watermelon seeds when eating watermelon.)
Lastly, the green rind section. This is my favourite part. It has an odd sort of flavour, that I can’t articulate well. But it is delicious.

Come summer time and I will have my icy watermelon slices in an icypole form! Twice the cooling power!