IR: Icecream roulette

For those who are unfamiliar with icecream roulette, it consists of zero (0) bullets. It does consist of recieving a (most likely) unfamiliar icecream from the exotic korean/japanese convenience store. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. If it is your first time, you will always lose. That is the initiation ceremony.

Today’s icecream is ‘Yaki-imo aisu’ (what it says on the packet). It is a roasted sweet potato wafer icecream.

Satsumo aisu/ Sweet potato in icecream /Not baked or roasted

The layers (going from outside to inside) are:
Wafer: Pink wafer in the shape of a sweet potato. It even has little dents and grooves like the real thing.

Chocolate: Thin layer of chocolate. Keeps the wafer from getting soggy. It tastes good with the sweet potato flavour too.

Satsuma sweet potato paste: It’s like red bean paste, but sweet potato. It’d be good in daifukus too.

Satsuma icecream: It tastes like roasted sweet potato. For real. Surprise of the day.

The best thing is that it looks and tastes like a roasted sweet potato. The worst thing is that it is gone.

(The damage is AUD$4.30.)