Daiso red bean yokan

Yokan is a thick jelly dessert, often with red bean paste or other bean pastes dissolved through it. Daiso is the equivalent of the $2 shop, but based in Japan. Here, all items are $2.80 and are vastly superior to things in the $2 shop. (Where things aren’t always $2. What is up with that?) I enjoy shopping at Daiso, as much as a person can enjoy shopping for useful knickknacks and trying not to spend more than intended. There is some good stuff to be had there.

Unfortunately, the yokan from Daiso aren’t particularly good.
Usually yokan will melt in your mouth and be refreshing to eat. This one isn’t. It is thick and unyielding. It’s doesn’t melt, and it is way too sugary to be enjoyable for me. Even with a mug of tea. The saving point is the whole red beans throughout the jelly, and the novelty. Overall score, 2/10.