Sambal Kampung

Location: 234 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Cost: $10-15 for noodles, $15-25 for made-to-order mains
Cost rating: 4/5
Taste rating: 5/10
Overall rating: 5/10
Would I come back? No

A small chinese-malaysian eatery, largely a student’s haunt for late dinner. On the day we saw surprisingly many young families, it must be family friendly too. We were seated upstairs. The stairs are narrow, the tables are small and packed in as tightly as they possibly allowed. You could elbow the person next table across if you wanted. The brick walls are decorated with christmas lights. That’s the sort of place it is.
Would I order it again? No.

Sweet kecap manis/ Emperor Nasi Goreng/ Remember that ad?*

Indonesian fried rice with chicken. If you cup your hands over your ears, you might be able to hear somebody’s throat have all its moisture sucked out from it. So much salt and MSG. The carrots are almost raw too. I have nothing against raw carrots, but they don’t belong in fried rice.

*: Youtube ‘bigpond nasi goreng ad’. Great ad, pity it was for Telstra.

Taste: 6/10
Would I order it again? Yes.

A helmet-sized bowl/ My preferred noodle vessel/ Not a real helmet

Watch out, it’s a basin of laksa.
It’s a different sort of spicy from the other laksas, not sweet-spicy but dry-spicy. The coconut milk adds creaminess and rounds out a lot of the dry-spiciness. Again, it’s very salty. We did arrive fairly late, so the laksa broth must have been boiled down into something saltier than usual. It was still edible, as long as you drank a fair amount of water and avoided most of the soup. In the laksa there is a boiled egg, some boyshoy, dried fried tofu puffs, two small crystal prawns, sliced fish cake, fish balls and plenty of fried shallots. There is also some chicken at the bottom. Its appearance isn’t as clean or neat as the other laksas, but I don’t mind the appearance. Apart from the salt, it would have been a satisfactory laksa.


Taste: 3/10
Would I order it again? No.

lychee tapwater/ Not as tasty as you think/ Lychees were okay

Tap water with some syrup from canned lychees, and then some canned lychees. It could have been okay, but too watery. The tap water has a metallic, minerally, chalky taste too.


Taste: 6/10
Would I order it again? No.

Sugar will fix it/ Fix my drink but not my teeth/ Trip to the dentist


San Bo Liang is a drink made of primarily three ingredients, all of which have ‘cooling’ properties according to chinese medicine philosophy. One of them is the longan fruit, which has always been a ‘heating’ food (or so I am told). That…. doesn’t seem right. Whatever the case may be, sanboliang has canned longan fruit, some grass jelly, and a brown palm sugar syrup. It’s much tastier than the lychee drink.
But, I wouldn’t come back with company just to have laksa and sanboliang.


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Your Thai

Name: Your Thai
Location: 255 Swanston Street, CBD
Price range: Entrees $3-5, Mains $9-13, drinks $2-4
Overall rating: 6/10, made up by the variety and price. It can be bland at times, but the servings are generous. It’s a motley of asian flavours, so don’t expect too much in the way of Thai food.

I have heard mixed reviews about this place. So I have eaten there three times to get a general overview.
Pros: Cheap, lots to choose from, picture menu, quick service, high turnover of customers
Cons: You get what you paid for, the food is average but still done well enough for people to come back, not a loitering place

*SPICY PRAWN with rice
Despite what ‘spicy’ may mean to most of us, Spicy Prawn isn’t spicy. It’s spicy in the way sweet chilli sauce is spicy, and that is ‘I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t informed me’.

Medium size prawns/ Sweet, sour, hot and crunchy/ Textural dinner

Can’t go wrong with a fruit smoothie.

Mangoes and ice cubes/ A memory of Summer/ Sigh, four months to go

Apparently, it is filling, because it is made of coconut milk.

There is green jelly/ It's bright green like Kryptonite/ Phew, I'm no Clark Kent

There is also a vinegar-chili-sugar dressing on the side, not shown in the picture. The grilled chicken is delicious. The chicken is glazed with a sweet marinade, and tastes like it’s been grilled. Scoring 8/10.

Barbequed chicken/ Versatile protein stuff/ And so tasty too

The milk tea and red curry come in a set combo, which also includes 2 spring rolls. Combos are $12.80 and there are a variety of dishes, drinks and sides to choose from. Unfortunately, it’s not a mix n’ match thing. If they did, I would increase the overall restaurant rating.

Everybody knows phone cameras aren’t the best cameras to take photos with. But the colour of the Milk Tea isn’t a problem with my camera phone, the milk tea is actually the same colour as the table it stands on. Orange. It tastes vaguely caramel-y for a milk tea.
Price: Since it was in a combo, price rating goes up. 4/5
Taste: 7/10. It’s different from many milk teas. For a start it has a caramel taste and a smooth texture. Give it a try.
Would I order it again? Yes.

Is it an orange?/ Is it an Oompa Loompa?/ No, it's Thai Milk Tea

It’s a mild red curry with chicken and vegetables. It tastes a lot like ginger, so that adds some kick to an otherwise unoffensive dish. But having said that, it is still very mild.
Price: Part of a combo, so price rating goes up as price goes down. 4/5
Taste: 7/10. I like how many vegetables it has, as well as the variety. It seems they try to give you an equal amount of everything. From memory there is chicken, eggplant, baby corn, carrots, broccoli and bamboo shoots.
Would I order it again? Yes.

All I want is here/ Meat, vege and sauce to soak rice/ Could do with more zing

Not shown in the picture. (Repeat after me, take photos BEFORE eating.) They are vegetable spring rolls, with a soft potatoey centre with shredded vegetables.
Price: Part of the combo, 4/5
Taste: 5/10. Not bad, not great. I like crunchy fried food, and spring rolls work for me.
Would I order this combo again? Yes.

*: I did not eat these, so everything said above is relayed from comments said at the time.


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