Brunetti’s Black Forest cake

Nowadays, I have some strange food cravings. Not so much a craving in the sense ‘I must eat this or I will implode into a singularity, or ‘I will fly to the nearest major city to obtain a small crate of it, then go home’ , or ‘like a pregnant woman wants pickles’, or ‘like a woman wants icecream’, but in the sense I can read about MPTP-sensitivity in the substantia nigra in relation to Parkinson’s disease and my mental commentary would consist of ‘… and the moral of the story is… I wonder if there’s chocolate in the snacks drawer?’

That, and fruit jelly. Tim-tams, crisps, peaches, kiwi fruit icecream, and Bueno bars.

Anyway, the story is, I didn’t buy any of the above, and went home dejectedly for not having done so. Then there was, sitting in its full chocolatey glory, in a paper box, a chocolate cake. Not so much cake, as chocolate and cream. Excuse me while I cry salty tears of joy.

Where did this cake come from?
We got it from a neighbour in a food swap. We swapped Dragon Boat feast food (zong zi, as well as homemade char siu, drunken chicken, medicinal broth among other traditional sorts of food associated with Chinese feasts) with her, and she gave us a cake in return. I love food swaps. She doesn’t cook very often, especially feast foods because they are just too much for two people to consume. She lives with her husband, and he likes home cooking.

Chocolate and cream / Kirsch, cherries and light sponge cake / This is Black Forest.

Chocolate splendour / For Dragon Boat Festival / Unconventional

A chocolate prince / Remove the crown for soft bits / Mousse instead of brains

I… have no idea how to cut this cake. So I took the cones out to see if it was easier.

It was, but then there was the additional solid wall of chocolate. Make no mistake, the solid wall of chocolate is fantastic, but it is difficult to cut through.


Grab your silver forks / The castle walls have fallen / Pillage the insides.

But I managed, and here is the inside of the cake. Layers from the top: chocolate cone, chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake with kirsch, a silkier chocolate cream, cherries, more cream, chocolate sponge with kirsch.

Enough metaphors / Time to dig into this cake / Enough haikus too.

I love surprise-cake.