Instameal: Ottugi miso ramyun

Name: Ottugi Miso ramyun
Cost: $0.80
Contents: Wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet, 1 dried vegetables packet
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 7/10, Broth: 7/10
Would I buy it again? Yes

Advertised image/ (Minus the shiitake shroom)/Looks like end product

Easy-to-open/ Soup and vegetable sachets/ Make life easier

Red: danger colour/ Exudes sense of spiciness/ Not spicy at all

If I had to guess what flavour it was, I would have said mushroom or vegetarian. I find that many miso flavoured instant noodles are very salty, saltier than the other soup bases in the same range. But this wasn’t the case with Ottugi. It was very tasty, and I hope to find more miso-flavoured noodles like this.


Instameal: Mian Ba Green Prawn ramen

Name: Mian Ba instant noodle green prawn flavour
Cost: $0.70
Contents: Wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet, 1 dehydrated vegetable sachet, 1 garlic paste in oil sachet
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 6/10, Broth: 6/10
Would I buy it again? Yes

What's that character?/Search Chinese dictionary/ Huh, it means... tyrant?

¬†Classification of ramen packets according to brand is difficult when I can’t read the characters. I could file this series of instant ramen under “Lots of strokes in second character” but what if another Chinese brand has lots of strokes in the second character? Luckily nowadays the blogotubes is full of useful things like kanji dictionaries. The first character was simple enough, ‘mian’ means ‘noodles’. The second one wasn’t as simple, ‘ba’ meant tyrant or doing things through violent methods. Perhaps it’s not as violent as I think it is.

Of course, noodle wad/ Not enough space to show all/ All THREE flavour packs

Dried vegetables/ Always a soup case packet/ Plus garlic oil

What is a green prawn*?/ Hm, it doesn't taste too bad/ Whatever it is

I had been putting this off for so long because it didn’t look like something I’d like. But it turned out to be pretty tasty.

It looks insipid but the broth is actually interesting and I ended up drinking most of it because I couldn’t quite find the words to describe it. It’s sort of creamy, vegetable-y with parsley and dried coriander flavours. Then it tastes like what carrots smell like. I wouldn’t even call it a prawn-flavoured instant noodle because it doesn’t have that MSG prawn cracker taste. It’s seafood-sweet much like clams in broth. Maybe that’s what they meant by prawn-flavoured?
Normally I try to avoid the oil sachets, but I added it into this one because it seemed to important for the overall experience. The broth isn’t greasy, and doesn’t have a film of oil on top. How ’bout that.

*: ‘Green prawn’ might not be an accurate translation. ‘Green’ was made up of two characters, one meaning jade, and the other one …. also meaning jade/green/a type of green bird. Then ‘fresh’, then ‘prawn’. Green Green Fresh Prawn. Maybe the greens refer to the aromatic vegetable flavours.

Perhaps I will review the rest of this instant noodle brand, there are many more flavours. (More beef flavours than I thought was reasonable.)

Instameal: Nongshim Doongji Korean Cold Noodle with Chilli Sauce

Name: NongShim Doongji Authentic Korean Cold Noodle with Chilli Sauce
Cost: $1.20
Contents: Wad of arrowroot noodles, 1 sachet of dehydrated fish and seaweed, 1 packet of chilli sauce
Spiciness: 6/10
Taste: Noodles 5/10, Sauce 3/10
Would I buy it again? No.

Nice advertising/ Looks nothing like true product/ See real deal below

It’s a large packet with a plastic tray inside. These sorts of instant noodle (with plastic trays inside) tend to be more expensive, but take more care with their sachets and noodles.

Love the packaging/ However, contents average/ Packaging bumped price

Arrowroot noodles are darker and chewier than buckwheat noodles. It is similar to konnyaku jelly noodles, but much thinner. Seasoning sauce is a hot sauce to be poured over the cooked and washed noodles. Seasoning flakes go into the boiling water with the noodles, a close-up of the flakes can be seen below.

Worst seasoning flakes/ It smells and tastes like fish food/ Just don't it, kids

The things that look like croutons feel like foam packaging peanuts, smell like MSG and taste of bad prawn flavouring.

Question: What was worse?/ Chewy noodles or hot sauce?/ Ack, tough choice. Hot sauce.

You’ll want to boil these noodles in a larger volume of water than you would for other noodles, then rinse them out very thoroughly. Otherwise they are very gluggy. The chilli sauce is a foreboding red (much more red than the picture suggests. The lighting was blue at the time.), but it isn’t as spicy as it looks. It is spicy, but it’s the usual Korean sweet-spicy so I can tolerate it more easily than if it wasn’t sweet.

Maybe I have a thing against cold sauce noodles, I just didn’t think it was delicious. I washed those noodles out repeatedly, but the noodles were gluggy anyway from being drowned in sauce. The sauce got boring after a few mouthfuls, though the sesame seeds make it bearable. The noodles are meant to be chewy, and they are, but I didn’t find it a pleasant summer experience. It was made worse by those dehydrted foam pellets. The texture seems to suggest it’s meant to be fish, but taste like vietnamese prawn cracker chips, and feel like chewing a sponge.
Overall, the dehydrated packet is terrible. The noodles and sauce could be nice if you like this sort of thing. Just don’t overdo the sauce. (I just dislike cold saucy noodles.) But I would strongly suggest for you to use the non-instant packets of arrowroot noodles (which take the same time to cook.) Get a separate chilli sauce too. Add some cucumber, and you have yourself cold noodles with chilli sauce. The instant packet is meant to imitate this dish, but it’s a terrible imitation.

Instameal: Ottogi Snack Ramen

Name: Ottogi snack ramen
Cost: $0.80
Contents: Wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet.
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 5/10, Broth: 4/10
Would I buy it again? No.

Little snack ramen/ Not as good as Indo-mie/ The true snack noodle

All-in-one flavours/ After multiple sachets/ One seems too little

Compare snack noodles/ Maggi noodles versus this/ Hm, it's a tough call


I don’t understand why it is a snack ramen. It only marginally smaller than the regular noodles. It was rather tasteless too. There wasn’t a vegetable sachet, which disappoints me.
I’d skip this one, and buy something else.

(After contemplating the merits and shortfalls of Ottogi snack noodle and Maggi Chicken noodle, I would choose Maggi Chicken noodle. It’s still bright yellow with vaguely parsley smell, but I remember it tasting better when I was in primary school. )


Instameal: Mupama

Name: Nongshim Mupama noodle soup
Cost: $1.20
Contents: Wad of noodles, 3 sachets: 2 soup bases, 1 dried vegetables.
Spiciness: 5/10
Taste: Noodles 8/10, Broth: 8/10
Would I buy it again? Yes.

What is Mupama?/ Best dried veggies in a pack/ unofficial prize

Shiny green sachet/ Full of dried vegetables/ More goodies to come

Add dried vege early/ Allows more time to plump up/ Cooking level up


Lazy person's meal/ Reconstituted veggies/ No need to add own

First of all, I am impressed with its vegetable sachet. It contains chili as well as some kind of asian green. See end product. You’ll need to add the vegetable sachet in at the same time as the noodle to get them plumped up again.
It is a spicy noodle, but it’s not an overly harsh spiciness. You can add more water or less of the yellow sachet if you prefer less spicy noodles. I like how thoughtful they were to cater to people who prefer mildly spicy noodles.
That is enough gushing from me. You should try Mupama.

Instameal: Samyang Japanese Seafood Udon

Name: Samyang Japanese Seafood flavour udon
Cost: $1.20
Contents: Wad of udon noodles, 2 sachets: 1 soup base, 1 dried vegetables.
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 5/10, Broth: 4/10
Would I buy it again? No.

It looks promising/ Simple, no gimmicks packet/ Clearly labelled too

Samyang red and green/ I like their colour coding/ Sucks if colour blind

Not much to say here/ Drying decreases moisture/ Inhibits decay

You can't see salts yet/ Maybe if you leave it out/ Salt crystals will form

This udon is thinner and less oily than the previous ‘udon’ type instant noodles, more like a cross between ramen, thick pastry rice noodle and pasta.
My qualm with this instant noodle is how salty it is. Ack! Mouthful of salt. Then a nasty metallic salty tang with seafood-esque flavours. There are better seafood flavours than this, as well as better udon.
This is my least favourite seafood udon.

Samyang Hot Yukgaejang

Name: Samyang Hot Yukgaejang
Cost: $1
Contents: Wad of noodles, 2 sachets: 1 soup base, 1 dried vegetable
Spiciness: 4/10
Taste: Noodles 6/10, Broth: 6/10
Would I buy it again? No.

Hot looking colours/ Sharp yellow splash at the back/ Yep, it looks spicy


Green is for veggies/ Red for burning sensation/ Whoo, colour coding


Usual dried vege mix/ Carrot cubes and spring onions/ But also cabbage!

Tasty spicy meal/ Was it meant to taste of beef?/ Who knows? But still good.

I have eaten a fair number of Korean instant noodles, and I must say, they’re beginning to taste quite similar. Hot yukgaejang was average in every aspect. It was average in terms of taste, the noodles, the way it is spicy, and how spicy it was. Even the vegetable mix was average. But the bar for ‘average’ is high compared to the stretch of Chinese instant noodles I have had recently.

But there weren’t any particularly bad points that I remembered to note down, so it must not have been bad. Sorry folks, I can’t remember much about this one. It’s been too long.