I like instant noodles. Ice cream. Cheap eats. Going out for breakfast. Going out for lunch. Going out for dinner. Occasionally, cooking. Eating. Thinking about food. Tastes. Food presentation. Food science. Science.

Hm, what else is there? I also enjoy haikus. Meta humour too.

That aside, I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. It has a vibrant and varied food culture, and much the same can be said about its food bloggers. Initially I started this food blog to keep track of which instant noodles were tasty and which were not. Then I read up on Japanese food blogs and saw B-gurume type of blogs take off.

B gurume is ‘B-class gourmand’; people who eat, enjoy, then write about everyday foods. Not foods that usually receive reviews, such as top restaurants or classy cafes , or their favourite coffee and cake haunt they treat themselves to, or a little bar they frequent. This is about packaged snacks, snack breads that are eaten on the run, konbini (convenience stores. Japanese convenience stores are a class of their own) ready-to-eat meals, instant noodles, donuts from their local cafe, their favourite rice cracker, maybe even their workplace cafeteria. These things are meant to be affordable treats that you might treat yourself throughout the day, or just something tasty to have for lunch without breaking the bank. Within the realm of cheaper foods and snacks, some are better than others.

This blog aims to find and report my findings/opinion on these everyday purchases. I will include pictures in most posts.

Disclaimer:  I’ll be drawing up my opinion of a place from one or two visits, wherein both could be ‘off-days’ and not representative of the restaurant. Taste is a subjective thing. If for some reason I’ve offended you by giving your favourite instant noodle or snack or cheap-eats place an overall negative review, keep in mind I am only one of the many people who have tried that product or eaten at that place. Some people like it, some people don’t.  However, I will aim to give a balanced review, and factor in price, convenience and time of day in the review when necessary. Having said that, I will lambaste something when it is deserved.

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  1. Ken says:

    Hi ,
    Your first posts just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:
    I encourage you to claim your blog, which allows you to add a picture and change some settings. The blog photo shows up next to your posts wherever they appear on Urbanspoon. Here’s how to claim:
    – Make sure you’re logged into Urbanspoon
    – Go to your blog page on our site: http://www.urbanspoon.com/br/71/6013/Victoria/sakiikas.html

    – Click “Claim your blog” in the left sidebar
    After you submit it, we may contact you to verify your claim. Check your spam email folder if your claim hasn’t gone through in a day or two. You’ll also find some interesting badges and widgets on your Urbanspoon blog page – look in the right sidebar.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Hi !
    Thank you for doing a review of Cacao Green!
    If you are okay with it, we would like to put your blog review up on our “NEWS” section in our website http://www.cacaogreen.com.au
    Please let me know!
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Alvi Atmadja
    Marketing Manager

    • sakiikas says:

      Hi there, you’re welcome to put up my blog review of Cacao Green vs. Tutti Frutti on the news section of your website. Please add link back to my blog, or to the specific Cg vs TF post at the bottom of the news entry.
      Otherwise, I’m thrilled that you think my post is worth adding!

  3. Emma van Leest says:

    Hi, I was reading one of your reviews of a char kway teow and I was impressed (it was critical and used the word ‘umami’ which makes me think you know what you are on about). Where can I get a good CKT, because I haven’t had one in AGES… and I’m constantly disappointed.

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