Instameal: Samyang Japanese Seafood Udon

Name: Samyang Japanese Seafood flavour udon
Cost: $1.20
Contents: Wad of udon noodles, 2 sachets: 1 soup base, 1 dried vegetables.
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 5/10, Broth: 4/10
Would I buy it again? No.

It looks promising/ Simple, no gimmicks packet/ Clearly labelled too

Samyang red and green/ I like their colour coding/ Sucks if colour blind

Not much to say here/ Drying decreases moisture/ Inhibits decay

You can't see salts yet/ Maybe if you leave it out/ Salt crystals will form

This udon is thinner and less oily than the previous ‘udon’ type instant noodles, more like a cross between ramen, thick pastry rice noodle and pasta.
My qualm with this instant noodle is how salty it is. Ack! Mouthful of salt. Then a nasty metallic salty tang with seafood-esque flavours. There are better seafood flavours than this, as well as better udon.
This is my least favourite seafood udon.


3 Responses to Instameal: Samyang Japanese Seafood Udon

  1. Josh says:

    Maybe you have a problem with the salty taste of this pack of noodles. But I do like it! It is not as salty as you think!
    Overall, this pack is quite tasty. However, I wish they could make the noodles thicker as the noodles does not really looks like Udon.

  2. Samus says:

    You missed one important ingredient. VEGETABLES! It says on the back of the package to add vegetables with the udon. Other wise you’ll be tasting salt. I guess this is a common mistake with Americans and foreigners alike. And the noodles are suppose to be thick not thin. Look up what Udon is.

    • sakiikas says:

      Fresh udon is thick and not oily at all. ‘Udon’ (note the quotation marks) instant noodles are nothing like fresh udon, they are much thinner and more oily to aid their preservation. There’s a lot of variation in ‘udon-style’ instant noodles. My observation was that this packet has thinner noodles than many others that claim to be udon style.
      I review instant noodles as they are, only adding what soup bases and dried vegetables provided in the packet. While I do add vegetables into the instant noodles afterwards– a meagre attempt to balance out the meal, additional vegetables are not included in the review. This is to remove extraneous variables from the review.

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