Name: Vons
Location: 78 Hardware Ln. Melbourne, VIC 3000
Prices: $25-35 Main, but $18.90 express lunch special
Cost rating: 3/5 for lunch special
Taste rating: 8/10 lunch specials
Overall rating: 8/10

Shiny red letters/ Captivates my love of red/ As well as shiny

We found Vons at roughly 3pm, still looking for a place to eat lunch. There will be 2 instances of eating at Vons, but condensed into one post. The second time we ate at Vons, it was at roughly 3:30pm. Luckily, Vons still did lunch specials at that time. The lunch special if $18.90, and includes a choice of 2 items from a condensed menu divided into entrees, mains and desserts.


Your standard out-of-a-bottle Lemon & Lime Bitters, in a glass with some ice. Also, a straw.

Taste: 7/10
Would I order this again? No.

Tomato pasta/ Does not contain crustaceans/ Only green olives

It does look good. But it is a bit bland. Or let’s call it simple seeing as it is a vegetarian pasta with a few ingredients in it. Some days I do feel like a simple pasta, and this would have been great for one of those days. The olives help break up the otherwise droll pasta sauce. Delicious piquant salty olives. But for most of the time, it would be too plain. I suppose you could crack some salt over it too.

Taste: 8/10
Would I order this again? No.

Lamb shanks should be falling-off-the-bone and flavoursome. The meat was tender and fell off the bone along the natural grain of the shank, but unfortunately it needs more flavour. It could have done with some bay leaves, or something to bring it up to something flavoursome/delicious. The tomatoes were savoury, and delicious, which is why I was disappointed with the shank. If only the shank was as good as the tomatoes. There’s also mash, which I found to be dry but I expected that. It’s not a bad dish, but I have been spoilt for shanks. (Shanks slowcooked for a day, anyone?)

Taste: 7/10
Would I order it again? No.

I was expecting a dense, baked chocolate tart, not a pastry shell filled with chocolate mousse. But that can be tasty too. Pastry shell is buttery and short, chocolate mouuse is cold with a mild chocolate taste, topped off with fresh strawberry and a sprig of mint. For some, this could be great. I have a thing against cold mousse-like textures in pastry, including fridge-set cheesecake or  fridge-set biscuit base. To me pastries should be hot, or at least warm.

Taste: 10/10
Would I order this again? Yes

Creme brulee is where it’s at. A real custard, with a thin sugar crust that audible cracks when tapped with a spoon, with a bit of berry potage on top. Magic.

Vons Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon


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