Chinatown festival: Photography practise 01

I have no idea what festival this is, or it was happening. I just happened to stumble upon it with a friend and have a camera on hand. Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how to take photos with a DSLR camera. The first step is to take non-blurry pictures. The second is watching the exposure and making sure the camera settings are right.

An overexposed picture, touched up in Photoshop with warm tones.

I learnt a handy tip with the coconuts. Tip 1: When taking a picture of a group of large objects, focus on one of these rather than taking a macro shot. The rest of the objects will be blurred into the background.

A bunch of things.

Focusing on one aspect on the many things.

Dimsum and rice noodle tubes with prawns.

A bunch of things. I like these prawn meatballs.

Yellow corn with yellow bars of the barrier gates. I didn’t see the colour association and the pattern in real life, but it works out well on camera.

Huzzah for getting some photography practise! Now we’re off to Oldtown Kopitiam Mamak in QV for lunch.


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