Sherlock Holmes

Name: Sherlock Holmes
Location: Basement, 415 Collins St, Melbourne 3000
Prices: $15-25 mains
Cost rating: 3/5
Taste rating: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Sherlock Holmes is a English/Irish pub complete with a select beers list, good ol’ pub food, big TV screens to watch the football (or for rugby), lots of standing room and seems to be full every time I peek in. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t only the name for show. There’s also Moriarty’s corner, and the menu is separated into chapters or listed as Watson’s favourites. The walls are also lined with framed illustrations.

Moriarty's lair/ Plot the demise of Sherlock/ But have some beers first

We sat in the corner. On a hexagonal table. It almost looks like a poker table. I almost feel like a villain.

Taste: 9/10
Would I order it again? Yes.
Shoestring fries are crunchy. Chicken is crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. Just what a parma should be.

A chicken parma/ Australian pub staple/ Copied from wiki

Taste: 6/10
Would I order it again? No.
Maybe I don’t see the appeal of boiled beef. I like corned beef rare, well peppered and seasoned, in a sandwiches (preferably with mustards and lettuce). But I wouldn’t want to eat hot corned beef for dinner.

The beef has a layer of fat around it to keep it tender, and it’s still pink on the inside. Generous portion of mash. This is what I think of when I think of English food. (Followed by bangers and mash, toad in the hole and yorkshire pudding. Then tikka masala.)

Cold and story day/ Eat buttery mash and hot beef/ Wash down with hot drinks

Taste: 7/10
Would I order it again? Yes.
I’ve had better wedges. The wedges I had didn’t have a crunchy exterior throughout its surface area, only around the skin of the potato. It also seems to be overfried, or fried at the wrong temperature.
The fish batter is crunchy, as expected of a beer-battered fish. I wish the fish was less soft and watery to support the beer-batter. The fish falls out of the batter coating when it is cut into smaller bite-sized pieces.
I’ve never had mushy peas before. It reminds me of avocado, with a different sort of creaminess. It was tasty, despite being what it is. ‘Mushy’ nevers sounds good in my books.

Fancy fish and chips/ Incomplete experience/ Without the seagulls

Taste: ?/10
This is medium-rare. It was polished off with gusto, so it must have been tasty. The steak seems to be the soft kind that you can cut with a fork.

Soft or crusty steak?/ Open the great steak debate/ One way to find out...

Taste: 10/10
Would I order it again? Yes. Recommended.
I love garlic bread. I even like store-bought soggy garlic bread from the supermarket that you heat in the oven.

The garlic bread at Sherlock comes in larger slices than what I am used to, in a sort of a bread that I’m not familiar with. (The shape, thickness of crust and texture of inside.) But the exterior is crunchy, the inside is buttered to the edges, lightly garliced, lightly herbed and has some mustard seeds on it. I have never seen mustard seeds on garlic bread before, but it works very well. It was delicious!

Oh my, garlic bread/ The best garlicky entree/ Good in pizza form

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