IR: Mango icebar

Name: I dub thee Mango Icebar.
Cost: $1
Score: 5/10, average. But if you want a cheapo mango icecream, you can settle for average.
Would I buy this again? No.
These are the most common icebars found in Melbourne asian grocery stores. They come in various flavours, and are usually the cheapest option.

I see you, Mango/ Both in text and in picture/ Less guesswork for me

Here’s a picture of the packet for your reference.

Not my favourite/ But it was mango flavoured/ And a warm day too

It’s bright orange! It’s not the zingy nectar-sweet mango flavour that I enjoy most from a mango icecream, but a more caramelly musky mango flavour. The texture is … flaky? It’s the kind of icebar where you can suck all the flavour from it and leave a flavourless ice left on the stick, and it begins to break off in lined-up icy needle blocks. If you’re not careful, the last bit can fall off when you try to eat around the stick. You have been warned.


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