Instameal: Ottogi Jin ramyeon

Name: Ottogi Jin ramyeon
Contents: wad of noodles, 2 sachets (one soup base, one dehydrated vegetables)
Cost: $1.10
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 7/10, broth 8/10
Would I buy this again? Yes

Look, found a mushroom/ Ramen profiling starts now/ Probably mild

I confess. I can’t read most of these instant noodle packet names if they don’t have english names, or english words. I just look at the picture and go from there. Korean instant noodle. Mushroom in the pictures. Must be a vegetarian mushroom flavour. Should also be non-spicy.

Easy-to-open/ Lots of love for packaging/ I pay for it too =(

I like these easy-open sachet designs. Genius.

More brown than bright red/ Hinting mild veggie taste/ Ramen C-S-I

It is not spicy. But it is still red. But it’s not spicy. But it’s red. But it’s not spicy. Don’t judge the pictured noodles by broth colour, it doesn’t work. Okay, so it’s not red.
This is my favourite mushroom ramen so far. It doesn’t have that MSG and overly artificial shiitake mushroom flavour about it. It’s a mild vegetably flavoured ramen with bits of shiitake mushroom in it. Now I don’t have to think so hard at the korean grocer when deciding on a delicious vegetable ramen. No need to browse pictures and judge the packet’s design. Just grab a packet of Ottogi Jin Ramyeon.


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