Instameal: Nissin Shoyu ramen

Name: Nissin Shoyu Ramen/Japanese soy sauce noodles
Contents: Wad of ramen noodles, 3 sachets: seasoning sauce, soup base and packet of seaweed
Price: $0.65
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles 7/10, broth 7/10
Would I buy it again? Yes

False advertising/ Does not include boiled eggs/ See my 'End Product'

Love the three sachets/ Need more pre-packed components/ Noodle alchemy?

Tip: Add your seaweed after you have transfered the noodles and soup into a bowl, or if you just eat out of the pot, add seaweed just before eating.

Soy sauce based soup base/ Add seaweed just before noms/ Otherwise, soggy

In general, I like the nissin noodles. They’re smooth, and are soft. They don’t have as much springiness to them as Korean instant noodles, but they are easier to slurp up. They can also withstand a bit of overcooking, which I am prone to do. They won’t start to dissipate into a floury mess when overcooked. But they will become pasty and look all semblance of texture when left in the broth for extended periods of time. But seeing as most poeple will eat the noodles within 6 hours of cooking them, I doubt this will become a problem.

One thing that disappoints me, especially after my streak with Korean instant noodles, is that Nissin noodle sachets don’t have a big notch or guided peeling pathway to ensure that the sachets open neatly in a straight line. The result is difficulty in opening these packets if your hands are oily, or spilling the contents over the stovetop, or having contents catch in the jagged edges then having to resort to utensils to get the remaining sachet contents out. It’s not a life-changing issue, but it makes a difference to me. I’m happy to see instant noodle manufacturers think of the lazy hoi polloi without scissors on hand. Namely because I am one of the lazy hoi polloi without scissors on hand. (Now I had scissorhands, then that would be a different story.)

I like shoyu ramen, and I order that often when I’m out at a ramen restaurant. I like it especially with seaweed. So when I saw there was a sachet for seaweed, I was very pleased. I hope to find more instant noodles with dried seaweed as part of their contents. The broth also has sesame oil, which adds to the savouriness. I like the seaweed blends in with the broth and gives it more flavour.


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