Instameal: Nissin Teriyaki Garlic

Name: Nissin teriyaki garlic ramen
Contents: wad of noodles, 1 soup base sachet, packet of seasoning oil with minced garlic
Cost: $0.65
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: noodles 7/10, broth 7/10 (I like garlic.)
Would I buy it again? Yes

Handy english text/ Otherwise, would not have guessed/ Maybe fried chicken?

Nice green colour. I wish I had a cutlet of fried chicken.

Garlic in oil/ A meme: Eat all of the garlic/ Gotta love Ally

Usually I don’t use the oil packets, but the sake of these blog posts I make an exception if the oil has other things in it, such as garlic.

Noodles with extras/ It does not come with tofu/ Or leftover beans

I don’t have a chicken cutlet, but I do have leftover deep-fried tofu and string beans. Delicious! The garlicy oil mix make a huge difference, without it you won’t get the garlicy taste. It doesn’t taste much like teriyaki, but it a sweetish savoury flavour that reminds me of the Nissin miso flavour. Either way, it has garlic in it and garlic is delicious.


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