Instameal: Orange pot 340 kCal ramen

Name: Can’t read it. I will dub it the ‘orange pot 340kCal ramen’
Cost: $1
Contents: A wad of thin egg noodles, 2 sachets (1 soup base, 1 vegetable)
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles get an honourable mention, with a 8/10. Soup base is on the nice side of average, perhaps a 7/10.  That’s a high scoring instant noodle.
Would I buy it again? Yes.

Fluoro orange pot/ Delicious ramen goodness/ Less 'cals' than usual

Recently, I’ve been forgetting to do shots of the contents, and end products. But I haven’t forgotten for this one. Here are its contents!

Ramen snapped in half/ Can't miss those seasoning packs/ Orange and lime green

As with many korean instant noodles, it’s not as spicy as it looks. Especially when it says it isn’t spicy. Everything just seems to be orange-red by default. The noodles are thin egg noodles, and they are very slippery and smooth. Easy to slurp up. I like these noodles a lot. It’s not often that you’ll find these noodles in an instant-noodle packet. You can normally find them in a large packet of noodle wads to be freely used as you desire, but the nifty thing about instant noodles is that you don’t think to think about making a broth. That’s what the powder is for. It’s incredibly lazy, but you see the appeal.
The broth isn’t bad, some might even say its good. It’s a bit too thin for my liking, but you can drain some of the water before adding the soup base powder. But on the other hand, it’s very light-tasting. You even get some shiitake mushroom in the dehydrated vegetable mix. Impressive.

A tasty breakfast/ Light in taste and energy/ But still unhealthy



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