Pho Dzung (Chicken and the Cow)

Name: Something in vietnamese. It has a picture of a chicken and a cow.
Address: 234 Russell St, Melbourne CBD (Cnr Russell, Lonsdale)
Price range: Small pho $8.50, medium $9.50, large $10.50, other things $8-15
Price rating: 5/5, 4/5 for other things on the menu which makes sense since they specialise in pho. But the spring rolls are pretty tasty.

Taste: 4/5 Best pho place in the city. For the 5/5, go to Victoria St.

Overall rating: 8.5/10. It’s my favourite pho place in the city.

Pho is a vietnamese rice noodle with a beef broth, and beef toppings. There are variations that use chicken, but beef is most common. The broth is prepared a day in advance with beef bones and spices, then gently simmered away, and impurites are scooped away, leaving a very clear flavoursome broth behind. Put some rice noodles into a bowl, add whatever toppings you like. Pick from cooked beef, thinly sliced raw beef that’ll cook when boiling broth is ladled in, beef sausage, beef balls, tendom, tripe, chicken and pork sausage slices.
Serve it up with a dish of fresh bean sprouts and Vietnamese basil, lemon and chilli. Add it all together and use the heat of the broth to cook these things. It’s fresh, fragrant but still mealy from the sheer quantity of stuff you get.

Vietnamese coffee is condensed milk, with strong black coffee that’s been slow-dripped from a percolator. It’s good hot, but the real magic lies in it being ice cold. Add some ice, and suck it down on a hot day. Refreshing, with a buzz.

Drip percolator/ Minutes pass drip drip drip/ Finally, coffee!

CONDIMENTS PLATE (comes with each bowl of pho. Or shared between two people. Whichever saves the most room. This place has a quick turnover, and the tables are small.)
Bean sprouts, vietnamese basil (add as much or as little as you like), and a small bowl of lemon wedges and sliced chili.)

Boo, lemon in eye/ Add condiments at the start/ Flavour infusion


You can order any toppings you like, by listing them when you order. Or you can point to set combinations of toppings. I like to order the Beef Combination without tendon when ordering a small bowl, and with tendon for medium bowl. I haven’t ever ordered a large bowl because it’s roughly the size of a wash basin, too big for me to finish. Small bowl is enough for me most of the time. I order a Medium bowl when ravenous. (It doesn’t look as grey as it does in the picture, that’s from the fluorescent lighting.)

Beef Co-co-combo!/ Good for the indecisive/ You get everything

Would I order this again? Yes, and have multiple times.

Pho Dzung City Noodle Shop on Urbanspoon


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