Seven Seeds

Name: Seven Seeds
Location: 114 Berkeley St, Carlton 3053
Price range: Breakfast $4.50-$9.50, Lunch $10.50-$13.50, Drinks $4-7
Cost rating: 3/5
Taste rating: 5/5 (“It’s all good.”)

Filled baguette with chorizo, sauteed onion, pecorino, sherry aioli and cos lettuce/strong> Cost: $10.50

Overall rating: 9/10

I docked a point from the baguette because it wasn’t a baguette on the day, but a sandwich with turkish bread. That is not a problem most of the time, because I like turkish bread. The problem is the how messy it was to eat the sandwich. I could always opt to use a knife and fork, but to me that seems wrong for a sandwich. If you’re an experienced sandwich-eater and have overcome the problem of tacking stacked sandwiches being messy to eat, then this will be a 10/10. Of course, there wouldn’t be this issue if it was a baguette. Aside from the mess issue, this is a delicious sammich. Especially if you like chorizo. The fried chorizo is crispy, and the sauteed onion and pecorino cheese isn’t too salty combined with the aioli and cos lettuce. The lettuce and onions are very important for texture. (This place seems to love sherry-based sauces. The last time I came here, there was another sherry sauce with caramelised onions.)

Look at the pickle/ Chomp it down after sandwich/ Order another

Crushed pea, mint and spring onion FR (Free Range) egg omelette, whipped feta, beetroot jam, hot pressed sourdough sandwich

Cost: $11.50

Overall rating: ? (It looked very very good. I had food envy. Everything here gives me food-envy.)

Peas: Where is the love?/Omelette in my sammich/Colourful relish

Chorizo and adzuki bean soup, served with toasted sourdough
Cost: $10.50
Overall rating: ? (Good enough for a “I need to make this.”)

Adzuki bean soup/ As a savoury main meal/ Mental dissonance

(To me adzuki beans have one purpose, and that is make red bean paste in all its delicious sweet variations. This soup blows my mind.)

Roasted mixed mushrooms, basil pesto, poached FR egg and turkish bread Cost: $13.50

Overall rating: ? (But damn, it looks good. Smells good too. Damn that pesto.)

Vegetarian/ Mushrooms for B vitamins/ Eggs are all protein


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