Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food

Name: Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food
Location: Corner Swanston/Bourke Sts, near Boost Juice.
Price range: Mains are $10-23. Mostly around the ten-mark, so it’s a cheap student-eats place.

Combination Hor Fun with egg gravy ($9.90)
I choose this because I like Hor Fun, which are wide flat rice noodles. Hor Fun stir-frying skills are essential for a short-order SE Asian chef, since it tells the customer a lot about the strength of the heat (specs of the kitchen) and tossing skills of the chef (specs of the chef crew).

Stir fry some Hor Fun/Stir fry some seafood and veg/ Add gravy real quick

I have had better combination Hor Fun with egg gravy at Kopitam.
At Petaling, the combination hor-fun with egg gravy is overly salty, the egg gravy is gluggy with cornstarch, the chicken tastes like its been sitting in seafood, but the seafood is passable. The Hor Fun themselves were sweating under the hot blanket of egg gravy, and became greasy and limp.  I’d give the skill check a fail, but the kitchen specs a bare pass. (needs more fire power) I am willing to overlook the lack of fire power and state of the Hor Fun  if the chicken and egg gravy were better.
Would I order it again? No.

Tomato soup rice noodles with fish balls ($9.50)

Chef recommended/ Leaves much to be desired/I am disappoint

This is another one of my orders. It was a ‘Chef’s recommendation’, so I trust the crew of Petaling would recommend something tasty. I am also a slave to curiousity. Tomato soup rice noodles you say? You’re on!
Unfortunately, it’s bland and uninspiring. It’s disappointing. The tomato soup tastes like watered down dregs of tinned Spag, with copious amounts of rice noodles (I don’t like that type of noodle, so it met my initial bias. The rice noodles used were the thick oily reconstituted ones with a round cross-section.). Fish balls and fish cake are okay in a noodle soup, but it needs something else with it.
Would I order it again? No.

Fried fish with Thai sauce ($12.80)
This is ordered by a lunch buddy. I was initially wary of fish, because it can go wrong in so many ways.  Fish is either fried or steamed here, with two sauce options for each. Here’s a picture.

Fried fish with salad/ With sweet and sour dressing/ A Win in my book

Looks good. Tastes good too. My wariness is dispelled. The fish is crispy on the outside, and still juicy on the inside. The wait was shorter than expected due to the cuts made into the fish to decrease cooking time.
Would I order it? Yes, and so would my lunch buddy (and has.)

Cham ($3 hot, $3.50 cold)

Drink a hot beverage/ Would you like tea or coffee?/ Why not have them both?

Cham is a mix of coffee and tea. What did I say about curiousity?
It’s actually tasty. I’ve had it twice. The first time, it is better than Kopitam’s (taste-wise, and quantity-wise if you order it hot), but the second, it was ordered during lunch rush hour and was overly sweet. It’s hit and miss.
Would I order it again? Yes.

Ribena Sprite ($3.50)

Bounce bounce Ribena/ Not as much vitamin C/ As stated in ads

Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s so pretty.

In advertisements here, Ribena was marketed as a rich source of vitamin C due to its blackcurrant content. Unfortunately, any high schooler versed in basic chemistry is able to titrate and calculate that this claim was false, and that it only contains roughly 10% of that advertised. It’s still a sizeable amount, but I can’t help but feel betrayed by one of my favourite childhood drinks for letting me down. Not that anybody should rely solely on Ribena for their vitamin C needs. I only wish that I had debunked the Ribena myth in my high school years instead of wasting my time trying to determine the pH of Salt & Vinegar Pringles, how concentrated the acid would become in a parched mouth of an overzealous individual, and if the acidity was able to give the sides of your mouth chemical burns. (That study was inconclusive. Also, I still have a test subject waiting to be fed a tube of Pringles.)


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