Instameal: Paldo Udon

Look for red packet / Red, an eye-catching colour / Unless they're all red

Name: Paldo Udon
Description: wad of udon noodles, two sachets. One soup base, one dehydrated vegetable.
Price: $0.90
Spiciness: 1/10
Taste: Noodles were a surprise. Usually instant-udon tends to be oily, but this one isn’t. It’s roughly the same as ramen noodles, but paler and thicker like udon. It wasn’t as spicy as it looks. As with all udon noodles, don’t overcook them, as I have. (Shown in the end product photo). I can’t remember which vegetables were in it, because it was a while ago, but there’s nothing weird in it. It’s just tasty. The negative point is the energy content, and the lack of protein. But then again, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Would I buy it again? Yes. I am pleasantly surprised.

Beans not included / But noodles and flavours are / Add your own veggies.


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