Instameal: Paldo Kimchi Ramen

Sweet crunchy kimchi/Also needs to be spicy/Served with every meal

Name: Paldo Kimchi Ramen

Description: Korean instant noodle

Contents: Wad of ramen noodles, packet of flavouring

Spiciness: 2/10 (It could be a 3, but the sweetness brings it down to 2.)

Price: AUD$1.19

Taste: Noodles are a 3.5/10, because it is better than the greasy instant udon. I like the shape of noodles too. They’re smooth, which sounds blindingly obvious but sometimes the ramen noodles can be rough. The rough bits will inevitably be overcooked, so the noodle gets a slimier texture on the outside. It is an unpleasant mouthfeel. Soup base is ‘hearty soup base’ without being too gluggy.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I wish there was a second packet with dried kimchi in it though. (But as with every instant noodle, you’d have to watch what you ate for the rest of the day, they have a lot of energy in them. This one is over 2000 kJ. But nobody eats these to be healthy.)


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