Instameal: Paldo Kalgukso

Hand-cut egg noodles / In light and tangy soup base / Doorway to Summer

 Name: Paldo Broad hand-cut noodle (kalgukso)
Description: wad of noodles, packet of simmer sauce.
Price: $1 thereabouts
Spiciness: 0/10
Taste: Noodles are smooth, as with many kalgukso noodles. They’re flat, about 3 mm wide and smooth. They are not as springy as egg noodles. The soup base tastes vaguely like kimchi and tomatoes. Simmer sauce should be added early, so it can actually simmer in the sauce. It removes some of the harsh edge of it. Other than that, it’s pretty tasty. It’ll be even more tasty with an egg and some vegetables. (I put in some leftover beans and broccoli.)
Would I buy it again?: Yes. Generally, I’m pretty happy with anything ‘kalgukso’.


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