Instameal: Ansung Tanmyun Hot & Spicy

Hot and Spicy, ey?/What it says on the packet/Fire in your mouth

Name: Ansung tanmyun hot & spicy (To me, ‘hot’ implies ‘spicy’, so I was rather wary of this one.)

Description: Korean instant ramen

Contents: Square-ish wad of noodles. One packet of seasoning.

Spiciness: 5/10

Price: I forgot, around AUD $1, give or take 20 cents.

Taste: Noodles are pasty when overcooked (I like to let noodles simmer rather than boil  to increase the ‘bounciness’ of them.) Don’t overcook these ones. Soup base is spicy, but a harsh sort of spicy. Usually Korean spicy has a sweetness to it, but this one doesn’t have that sweetness to it. It was difficult to eat. The sauce is gluggy because it is meant to be a hearty soup. But the noodles are pasty and swell up when they sit around in the soup, and the soup gluggy, so it’s terrible.

Would I buy it again? No. Not even for the cute raccoon.


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