Instameal: 60 ingredient ramen

What, six lots of ten?/ This can't possibly taste good / Challenge accepted.

Name: Can’t read Korean. It’ll be dubbed 60-ingredient ramen.
Description: Wad of ramen noodles, 2 sachets. One soup base powder, one dehydrated vegetables.
Price: $1.29
Spiciness:3/10, dry heat but doesn’t detract from the other flavours.
Taste: Noodles are egg noodles. They are on the better side of the instant ramen noodles I’ve had. Vegetables included are carrots, cabbage, shiitake mushroom, and a bit of broccoli. Broccoli. Wow. It tastes light, since it is vegetarian. It’s slightly spicy, in a slightly sweet way which is nice.
Would I buy it again? Yes. I like the sachets, the design of the packet, and the vegetable sachet is impressive. There was broccoli! It also comes in a 4-pack.

Always read units / Anastheticist must heed/ Good advice for life

I was surprised to read 475 kJ as the energy for the whole packet, and I should have been because that is extremely low for a bowl of food. It turns out it was 475 kcal, which is very different from 475 kJ. It puts the meal at about 2000 kJ, which is where most korean instant noodles are. (Due to the size.) I feel cheated.

While I was feeling cheated, I counted the ingredients. At most, it lists 55. Not 60. It’s still a formidable number.

Here’s a picture of the end product:

I feel cheated twice /Fifty-five ingredients/ Tastes pretty normal


2 Responses to Instameal: 60 ingredient ramen

  1. cameron says:

    The korean name is “delicious ramen”. Just so you know :)

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