Instameal: Samyang Seafood Party

A party in my mouth? Sounds good to me.

The packaging.

Name: Samyang Seafood Party

Description: Korean instant noodles with 1 wad of dried noodles, and 2 sachets (soup base, and dehydrated vegetables)

What you get inside.

Price: AUD$0.70

Spiciness: 2/10

Taste: I find that the spiciness the soup base decreases if you boil the noodles in the soup base and the vegetables, rather than adding the soup base when the noodles are almost done. If I had to recommend a generic mild seafood instant noodle to anyone to give them an idea about cheap korean instant noodles (Why would I ever need to do this? I don’t know.), this would be it. It’s mild, it has the sweetish spicy flavour that dominates a lot of korean noodle dishes, and it has that generic seafood flavouring without being too overpowering. The vegetable mix is also good, in the way that you get a range of things. The packaging is also typical of many korean instant noodles.

Have a look at the flavouring and vegetable sachets. The notch is present on the longer side, and the entire side peels away easily so you can dump all the flavouring and vegetables in one go. This is a good thing. It allows you to get all the flavouring out without having to resort to prising the opening (if you stuff up the ripping), as well as minimises the chance that an overzealous rip spills the contents over the stove top.

Nutrition content: 2176 kJ, 12 g protein, 74 g carbohydrates, 18 g fat (2g saturated), 2 g fibre, 2 g sodium. It’s not a healthy meal, but no surprises there.

Would I buy it again? Yes. It is quite tasty, and ungreasy to eat. (We all know that instant noodles aren’t healthy, but some taste more greasy than others.) As always, you can add fresh vegetables to make it more nutritious and tasty.

Whoo, instant eats.

That's some nice 'Merry Christmas' motifed tablecloth. In the cup is milk tea.


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